India Rising

Call Kumar brings to you the tale of Rising India .
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The mixed lab podcast

Listen to what Sacha Baron has to say at Call Kumar... Enjoy guys & gals!!

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Yadon ka ek purana cassette 2

Friends, enjoy the second boradcast of Yadon ka ek purana cassette.

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Episode 3: Yadon ka ek purana cassette

This podcast collects some beautiful memories of 80's, you all must have gonne through this phase. The new generation can only take a feel 80's in such Purana Cassettes.
Lets listen to it..

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Episode 2 : Chase your dreams

If you don't have a dream then this Podcast is your you...
But if you have a dream ,,, this Podcast is definitely for you...
You can move from 'better' to 'amazingly better' state and chase your dream unless you get it,,,
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This is the first podcast of Call Kumar, this episode is named as GO FOR YOURSELF.
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